Jan 26 2018

There are wine drinkers and there are wine connoisseurs. Most people would agree that being called a snob is an insult. There’s one notable exception, though. Being called a wine snob is a compliment!

Wine snobs proudly embrace this label as a badge of honor. They are picky and discriminating about their wines and their wine culture, and for that they make no apologies. After all, why apologize for the pursuit of perfection? Do you belong in this elite, snobby club? If the descriptions below summarize your wine philosophy, congratulations! You are officially a wine snob.

  1. Corked, volatile, flabby, tannic and oaky … If you use these words not simply to mess with pals, but to test the mettle of highbrow sommeliers, congratulations. You know the lingo, you are not afraid to use it, and you are a wine snob.
  2. If you think rabbits are silly and butterflies should fly free, you may be a wine snob. Mere wine drinkers (a.k.a. non-snobs) reach for butterfly corkscrews and those quirky rabbit gadgets to open their wine bottles. You frown upon such amateurism: You know the only key to uncorking a fine wine is a wine key.
  3. Everyone has a nervous habit or two. If you are a true wine snob, your quirkiness is the dramatic swirl. You don’t only swirl your vintage pinot. Your wrist is on autopilot and swirls your morning latte, your post-workout water, and even your can of diet soda. In the latter scenario, you’ve learned the hard way that swirling a carbonated beverage is best done only after the can is opened. If you believe that down the hatches should always be preceded by a dramatic swirl, you’re a wine snob.
  4. “A fine bottle of wine creates the meal.” That’s the wine-snob’s motto. When money is tight and you must choose between a robust bottle of wine or a less satisfying entrée, the vino wins every time.
  5. There is no social faux pas as devastating as the incorrect handling of wine glasses. Does your heart ache when your dinner companion lifts the glass by the bowl? Is that a deal-breaker for a first date? Do you enter a catatonic state when encountering someone sipping wine from a tumbler or plastic cup? Congratulations. You are most assuredly a wine snob.

There is one other trait that wine snobs share, and that’s an appreciation of one of the world’s finest wine-making regions. Non-snobs may be surprised to learn this region isn’t located in California or France. It’s in Ontario, Canada. Ontario’s climate is ideal for grape-growing and wine-making. For generations, proud Canadian grape growers have cultivated this fertile land and transported the fruits of their labor to capable wineries whose vintages continue to make their mark across the globe. If you have not yet earned your wine-snob chops, a visit to Ontario’s wine country is certain to cement your spot in this exclusive, elite club.

Cheers to that!