Jun 20 2018

KICK THE DIRT…is not your average winery tour.

Many wine events are held in wineries, or tasting rooms, amidst gorgeous décor and lovely music. But, have you ever experienced a wine tasting while walking through the vineyard, and seeing the grapes up close? Heard the music that the wind makes, rustling against the leaves? Met the grape grower who planted the vines, and nurtured them for the last 20+ years? Or tasted the wine actually made from grapes grown in THAT very vineyard?

Well, this is your chance! Kick off your fancy shoes (but do wear some comfy ones!), relax, and travel to two premium vineyards in the Niagara Escarpment sub-appellation and meet the people who grow the wines you love! Seeing grape growing up close, learning about what makes each vineyard unique, and tasting the wine made from those grapes with the winemaker who crafted it.

You will be immersed into the grape and wine industry from beginning to end, starting with a coach ride through wine country with Grape King royalty.  The title of Grape King is an honour indeed, considering that the winner is selected each year based on viticulture excellence.

You will visit two premium vineyards: the Wismer family whose chardonnay grapes in their escarpment-top vineyard are made into award winning wine by Shauna White at Adamo Estate Winery! And, Bill George, an 8th generation grape grower, and former Grape King, who grows grapes for Jackson Triggs, with wines made by Marco Piccoli. Did we mention both of these vineyards will make the perfect backdrop for your next Instagram photo?

Along with tasting the wines made from grapes grown right on that property, and meeting the winemakers from Adamo and Jackson Triggs, you will also enjoy gourmet food pairings prepared by local chefs that are designed to pair perfectly with the terroir of the vineyard-specific wines! Sounds like the perfect way to spend an afternoon!

Beautiful views, great stories, and wine and food to go along with it all … do you have your ticket yet?  This is a great addition to your i4C weekend, or maybe this is the only event that you do.

Join Us! Saturday, July 21, 2018

Pickup and drop off at Niagara College, NOTL campus.

12:30PM sharp   The KICK THE DIRT shuttle will depart from the main parking lot at Niagara College, 135 Taylor Road, Niagara-on-the-Lake

4:30PM                Return to Niagara College main parking lot

Kick off your fancy shoes and come dressed to kick the dirt with a grape grower who grows the wines you love!

Your ticket includes a guided bus tour, a visit at two of Niagara’s premier vineyards with wine and food pairings at both locations ending by a tour along the Niagara Wine Route.

Tickets available, click here!