Jul 25 2019
GGO Celebrity Luncheon

Do you ever zone out when your friends are engaged in deep conversation about wine? Do you tend to feel clueless when the topic of the grape and wine industry comes up? If you answered yes to both of these questions, this blog post may be for you!

We’ve pulled together a few grape and wine facts sure to impress your wine snob friends next time you get together. You might even find yourself joining in on the conversation!

  1. The total vineyard acreage in Ontario is 17,000 acres.Ontario Vineyard Acreage
  2. Swirling your wine has a purpose, it’s not just to look cool. By swirling the wine, you’re releasing powerful aromas. Tasters only fill the glass a third full so that when they allow the aromas to collect, they don’t spill it.
  3. Red and Rosé wines get their colour from contact with the skins of red grapes. These wines can only be made from red grapes, while white wines can be made from red and white grapes.
  4. You can only call sparkling wine “Champagne” if it comes from the Champagne region of France. All other wine producing regions must call it sparkling wine, or wineries often give the wine a unique name. Ontario makes fabulous, award-winning sparkling wines, many of which are available at your local LCBO.
  5. VQA stands for Vintners Quality Alliance. This stamp of approval ensures that the wine you’re serving or buying is made from 100% Ontario grown grapes and meet specific appellation and quality standards. Look for this symbol next time you’re purchasing a bottle:              VQA logo
  6. Canadians are the #1 producers of Icewine in the world!
  7. Icewine grapes get picked in the middle of the night once the temperature has reached a sustainable -8°C. For every grape picked, there’s only one drop of nectar, which explains the price tag on a bottle of this sweet wine.
  8. Wine is stored in a laying down position so that the cork doesn’t dry out. If the wine were stored in a standing position, the cork could dry-out, dwindle, and possibly fall into the wine.
  9. The Niagara Peninsula accounts for more than 93% of Ontario’s grape growing volume. It also boasts over 60% of all wineries in Ontario and is the largest appellation in Canada.
  10. The grape and wine sector in Ontario generate more than 18,000 jobs and contributes $4.4 billion total economic impact.


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