Thank you for your support of wines made from 100% Ontario grapes.

Ontario Grapes are an important part of the Ontario landscape!

The Government of Ontario has announced its plan to modernize alcohol sales by expanding the sale of beer and wine to corner stores, grocery stores and big-box stores, based on market demand. This decision represents a significant opportunity for our municipalities and Ontario wine regions to grow a more robust grape and wine industry.

The link below will take you to the Ontario Government’s public consultation page on modernizing the rules for the sale and consumption of alcohol in Ontario

What can I do to show my support for locally produced wines?

If you would like to show your support for locally produced wines made from Ontario grapes, here is how you can help. As you take the survey, we would ask you to consider two actions:

1. while answering question 6, please include the option: “More selection from Ontario producers” amongst your selections.

2. include in the comments section a brief text showing your support for having a selection of 100% Ontario wines available in all retail channels.

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