Good for Ontario

Why buying Ontario makes a Difference

An image may be worth a thousand words, but in the case of this infographic, it’s worth $4.4 billion in total economic impact for the Ontario economy! Find out more about the important contribution Ontario grape growers make.

Learn just how important the wine industry is to Ontario

Grape Growers

We grow the wines you love!

Without grapes, there would be no wine. Without passionate and skilled growers, there would be no grapes. Come find out more about the hundreds of dedicated Ontario growers and their families that make up this vital local industry!

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Local Grapes

When you choose a VQA or 100% Ontario wine, you support local grapes!

There are countless reasons to choose local wines! Interested in supporting local growers? Want to grow the Ontario economy? How about buying local for the environment? Or maybe you are simply a fan of quality wines made with 100% Ontario-grown grapes?

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