Without grapes, there would be no wine. Without passionate and skilled growers, there would be no grapes. Next time you sip a crisp local Chardonnay, savour the rich flavours of an opulent Merlot or indulge in Canada’s world-renowned icewine, say merci! Behind every glass of fine regional wine is a team of 500 avid grape enthusiasts who meticulously cultivate more than 17,000 acres of vineyards across the province, primarily in the grape growing regions of Niagara, Prince Edward County and Lake Erie North Shore. Thanks to their expertise and hands-on labour, from rich soil springs luscious, fruit-laden vines.

Grower Stories

Meet the growers behind local grapes!

Our local grape growers have pursued the fruits of their labour for generations. Artisans cultivate an astounding 40 varieties of grapes, the bulk of which are sent to the regions’ 180 wineries. The Niagara, Prince Edward County and Lake Erie North Shore regions account for more than 70% of Canada’s wine production volume. Local growers have proven the skeptics wrong.

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The Grape King!

A distinctive Ontario honour

The selection of a Grape King is part of Ontario’s grape growing history and an annual tradition that dates back to 1956. The title of Grape King carries the distinction of being chosen based on vineyard management and knowledge of the industry. The chosen grower serves as a representative for Ontario’s grape and wine industry at events across the country, starting with the Mayor’s Grape Stomp in Montebello Park and the annual Meridian Grande Parade at the Niagara Grape & Wine Festival.

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