When you buy a VQA or 100% Ontario wine, you are:

- Buying a quality wine of origin!
- Supporting local growers and the jobs they create!
- Giving back to Ontario’s economy and the environment!

$4.4 Billion Total Economic Impact

Local grapes provide the foundation.

Without grapes, there would be no wine.
Without passionate and skilled growers, there would be no grapes.

Finding Your Favourite Ontario Wine

Look for the VQA symbol for wine made from 100% Ontario grapes.

Grape growing has been going on in Ontario for longer than you may realize, and the earliest grape growing operations date back to the first European settlements. Ontario growers and wineries have been perfecting the art of making quality wine ever since.


The grape growing and wine industry has become a major economic contributor to the Ontario economy. Hard-working Ontario growers work 365 days a year to lay the foundation for an entire industry.


Local wineries in Ontario have been producing award-winning VQA and 100% Ontario wines for generations. Some families have been in the industry for six, seven and even eight generations!


So do yourself a favour. Enjoy an Ontario wine today. Choose one of the many amazing Ontario varietals from one of the province’s beautiful wine-producing regions.


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